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Guess it’s official

"Best Animated Feature" is just the title for "Pixar Award". 

"Whatever Pixar Makes We’re Just Going To Hand Them This Statue"

Brave is a good movie, don’t get me wrong.  I like Brave. It’s a gorgeous film and technologically amazing.

But stories and themes in either Paranorman or Wreck-it-Ralph were far superior to that of Brave’s.  Brave explored the mother-daughter relationship, and stuff about responsibility kinda, but there’s not much more to it than that.

Paranorman took on the themes of bullying, what it means to be an outsider, and how those things interplay better than most films for adults have. And of course the amazing effort and technique that went into the stop motion animation, not even mentioning the incredible things they did to make the Angry Aggy character.

Wreck-it-Ralph is probably the least contender in the terms of how complex the animation was, but it has such a fantastic message of how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin, and that even if you have an apparent “disability” or “handicap”, it absolutely does not mean you’re a less worthy individual, or that you don’t have as much to contribute as anybody else (or more!)

But nah, the award is going to Pixar because it’s the Pixar award, nobody else matters.  2015 Best Animated Feature Award: Cars 3, Tow-Mater Hybrid Boogaloo.

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    Also? Brave is a fucking fantastic movie, and everything else nominated can suck it. I am so fucking happy Brave won. It...
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    yeah like i am generally against pixar winning oscars, but like… look, anyone who knows me knows i kind of hate pixar. i...
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    I think Brave deserved to win, because it shows a girl, in the medieval age, rebelling an arranged marriage. She does...
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    This is a good point and I can get behind that. I would still rather have seen the award go to one of the other two as I...
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    i thought the award was for best animated not theme or story or message and don’t get me wrong, i love paranorman and...
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    Something else that matters: the fact that mothers, mother-daughter relationships and in fact any relationship between...
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    Sad… but true u_u
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    If you’re going to talk about superior movies then how about rise of the guardians or Paranorman like seriously WiR was...
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    No reason to tag that ‘Brave’, I think. owo